Bringing Ruby on Rails with FastCGI into Mac OS X Server
Subject:   Dynamic FCGI
Date:   2006-06-17 06:55:06
From:   JonathanWaddilove
This was a great help in tracking down my problem! My environment is OS X 10.4.6 with Apache 1.3.

I am trying to get multiple Rails applications running under FCGI. I have elected (for now) to use Dynamic FCGI. I was getting "Permission denied: FastCGI: can't create (dynamic) server "/Users/Jonathan/Development/LocoProjects/Wine/public/dispatch.fcgi": bind() failed [/tmp/fcgi_ipc/dynamic/d29d7200146ea5e733d8dea665329310]"

It turns out that I also needed to change the permissions for the dynamic directory as well with:

chmod 777 /tmp/fcgi_ipc/dynamic

Hope this helps someone else.

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