Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   utterly....completely....rediculous
Date:   2002-07-25 22:09:30
From:   maddog1331
I have worked in the education system for awhile....and Ill tell you what this looks like to me. This fellow has made an enemy or enemies somewhere in the school, and those folks have blown this completely out of proportion. Also, I think it is being pursued because of politics....someone has made a big deal out of this, and if the case is now dropped, someone might get a bit mud on their face.

As the article says, the school has to pay regardless of whether the bandwith is used or not. I believe this fellow David did something which he saw as beneficial, and would keep a resource (unused bandwith) from being wasted.

No one is harmed, and some good could come of what he did. Any person with any sense should be able to see this.

The above statement being said, what does this say about DeKalb Tech, the Georgia educational system, and the Georgia State Government?