Apple vs. the Bloggers: How It Unfolded and Where It Stands Now
Subject:   Clarifying quote about Apple and NDAs
Date:   2006-06-20 09:36:41
From:   RainyDay
Response to: Clarifying quote about Apple and NDAs

Quoting Rob Enderle for anything related to Apple reflects poorly on you as a journalist. It’s a safe bet that whatever Enderle has to say about Apple is wrong, and this is no exception.

Even after “clarification,” Enderle is (still) wrong regarding NDA’s and Apple. They use them like crazy. Anyone privy to any pre-released product is required to sign an NDA, be they press, developer, stock analyst, employee or whatever.

Enderle is also wrong when he says that they do not pre-disclose to the media. Reviewers regularly get advance copies of software, and advance access to new hardware is made available to journalists the calibre of Walt Mossberg.

I rather doubt Apple gives Enderle advance access to anything, however; they know his calibre.