JavaScript: Why You Don't Know More About It
Subject:   That really makes me angry!
Date:   2002-07-27 09:39:57
From:   mattstanton
Response to: I leave javascript disabled like a growing number of others

All you've really done there is criticise certain uses of JavaScript. I'd agree with you that those kinds of applications are irritating, but this doesn't seem to warrant condemnation of an entire language. I mean, Delphi is responsible for a lot of computer viruses, but I've never heard of anyone saying that Delphi is a waste of time because it can be abused in such ways.

You seem to be unaware of the benefits of JavaScript to many internet users. Take me, for example. I'm an ESL teacher, and I spend a lot of time programming in JavaScript to produce online interactive quizzes and tests that my students can use to review or get extra language practice. Take a look at my website to see what I'm talking about:

The form validation capabilities that are the essence of JavaScript just happen to be ideally suited to the kinds of things I want to do. Students can access a quiz from their home or school/college and get instant feedback right there and then. I could use a CGI, but being server side it's slower, and with JavaScript I don't have to worry about unpacking the query string etc. Moreover, students can terminate their connection to the internet after the page has loaded. This is a priceless difference for those in poor countries using a dial-up connection.

Flash or Java applets are other options, but why use a chainsaw to open a tin of beans?

Despite having read the article, you seem to remain under the impression that JavaScript is just a tool to spice up webpages. I hope you'll now appreciate what a wonderful educational tool it can also be.

By the way, according to my tracking stats, only about 4% of my visitors have script disabled.