Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   Hmm
Date:   2006-06-23 08:03:43
From:   chromatic
Response to: Hmm

That's a very selective view of my argument. I can understand not having GCC installed by default, but deliberately removing parts of Perl and Ruby from the base installation and forcing the installation of XCode to get them back is a little silly.

I mean, it's a desktop OS. Why install half of Perl and Ruby? Why install them at all?

Likewise, claiming that dragging an application bundle to a folder is easier than typing <tt<apt-get install foo</tt> completely ignores all of the work you had to do to find, download, and extract that installation bundle. It's not a fair comparison to point to the last part of the process and jump up and down and claim that the easy part of the process is easier than the entirety of the other process.