Is This the Right Room for an Argument?
Subject:   "The software industry remains extremely competitive"
Date:   2002-07-27 12:59:24
From:   plaw
As we learn with edFactor's excellent post, Microsoft has a hidden agenda with its "Shared Source Initiative": weaken arguments against it in its anti-competitive practices trial.

Indeed, Jason's propaganda piece closes:

"The software industry remains extremely competitive, and open source software offerings vie with commercial software. Microsoft competes with rival offerings regardless of whether or not they are commercial or open source in nature. Competition with open source software should not be seen as an attack on open source or on those who choose to develop under that model. In a sense, we are agnostic on this topic; we believe we can provide customers with the best software solutions to meet their needs, period. Even in discussing the GPL, which is widely seen as controversial, I assert that we need to move from the pejorative to the substantive."

There are numerous references to "competitive",
"competition", "compete", and "vie".

And, of course, there is the parting shot at the GPL (i.e. "widely seen as controversial"), which presumably contradicts the exact point not only of the article, but of the sentence itself!

I wonder if the word meant wasn't "controversial" but rather "competitive".