Simplify PHP Development with WASP
Subject:   Can't make it work
Date:   2006-06-25 21:23:30
From:   Acharn
I'm using WASP 1.1.2, and it seems very good indeed, except I can't get the code for the main index.php page to work. It breaks when I try to create the new TaskWrapper.

I'm frustrated by the apparent lack of any debugging tools. I use PHP Designer 2006 as my editor and it has a debugging mode which indicated that PHP doesn't know how to build the new object. I wonder if there shouldn't be a 'require_once' somewhere in the file.

A couple of other things that bother me: in the article the file is named ToDoMainIndexPate.php, but the page that WASP created for me is named ToDoIndexPage.php; when I created the project, the file contained two entries for the "Directory where PEAR packages are installed", one of them incorrect (I deleted those lines).

I'm still playing with this, hoping to understand it, because it would be enormously useful to me if I could use it, but the project that is my goal is quite complex, uses a database with many interlinked tables, and I can't figure out enough about how the different pieces WASP creates are interacting with each other.