Parallels Desktop for the Mac
Subject:   Parallels & VMware
Date:   2006-06-28 09:21:58
From:   toddogas
tbuskey: First, having an x86 virtualization solution for the Mac is, in fact, new. As I mentioned in the article, while virtualization solutions from VMware, Microsoft (which purchased Connectix), and Xen have been around for a while for the x86, they were not available for the Mac previously (with the exception of the Microsoft/Connectix Virtual PC for Mac emulator which is a bit of a different beast).

I haven't used VMware Workstation. But, I have installed and used VMware ESX on a server. The process of installing Linux, especially, is a much easier process with Parallels (for me at least). I haven't upgraded ESX to 3.0. But, I know in the 2.x version, I could not successfully install Fedora Core 4 (have not tried 5 with ESX) even with the VMware supplied additional virtual SCSI driver. Fedora Core 3 (which is directly supported) installed fine, so I am pretty sure it was not my installation process at fault.