The Long View of Identity
Subject:   Who Am I?
Date:   2006-06-29 14:28:08
From:   JessP
Hello Andy:

This article is outstanding. I have only glanced at it, but thought I would post who I am, and then read the article, and come back and post who I am again,and see where I made any changes.

I am/was after 23 years, a successful computer systems administrator. I am now trying to market my web site, which sells cell phones, get it up to produce my current salary, and maintain my same standard of living in retirement. You can't depend on Uncle Sam anymore, or the company you work for.
Since I majored in Photogrpahy in college, with no business courses to speak of, I joined Ecademy. Ecademy is a Social/Business network. Social first, to build up trust in others and for you to gain their trust, before feeling comfortable doing business or partnering with other people from around the world.

It works. YOu set up a profile, upload a small photograph, that the leaders at ecademy say is very important to creating that bond of trust with others and vice versa.

Your profile and your picture are the basics of your reputation. there are a lot of ways to participate at ecademy:
Many Clubs to join and lead. I am the leader of the Virtual Communities club. You can Blog. Advertising is encourge, you can advertise some for free, and you can pay for premium locations to advertise. They also encourage you to help others, and partner your business with others; with businesses that you feel can help you advance. I have partnered with a few recently, to compliment my phone sales, to offer a total businesss solution.

I feel well respected at Ecademy. Yesterday, June 28th, was the last day of my first year at ecademy. I have about 180 people in my network. To give you an idea of how that fits in to the other members network size, the top person has 7,361 members in there network.

Everyone pitches in and helps each other out with problems and questions. some of the clubs are lead by very successful businessmen, that help out people in groups. There are face to face meetings also.

Ecademy is very successful, and has very few trouble makers.

I feel well repected and have a group that I know cares about my success, and I care about others and help promote their web sites. You always form an inner circle of friends, then a cirlce of people you stay in touch with periodically. Even people I have never talked to before have written to me with help and advice.

As long as you stay in the parameters of Social Business activities, it is a very successful and well designed web site.

jporter32 @