The Long View of Identity
Subject:   Identity Mash-Up
Date:   2006-07-03 21:49:38
From:   kfarnham
Andy, another attendee at the Identity Mash-Up was a graduate student who is the co-founder of, Fred Stutzman. I think you might find his work interesting. His blog is at, titled "Unit Structures :: Fred Stutzman."

I had quite a few conversations with Fred by email while I was working on our book about I posted a comment on his blog about my concerns about the long-term effect of information that is currently being published online by teens and young adults -- that today the rule is, once something is published, it is forever archived and becomes a part of the public record. The information will be available for retrieval and analysis by everyone in the future -- colleges (already happening), employers, medical personnel, potential boyfriends/girlfriends...

Identity and privacy become difficult to define in the new realm where online activity is so integrated with people's daily lives...