The Long View of Identity
Subject:   Identity: the long view
Date:   2006-07-04 02:28:05
From:   JessP
"Your identity--in terms of how you represent yourself in communities, in commerce, or in public forums--is not your own."

The above statement to me, was a highlight of the article. Your identity is intrepreted by others, as acceptabe or unaceptable, good or bad, etc. You really need to consider what you are saying online.

I re-read my online work, not only for typos, but for relevant content. To me, it is really important to stay focused with your writing publicly online. People interpret statements in all different ways. You are exposed to cultures around the world, not just in your country.

This is a very important, relevant article. It has been published right on time.

Thank You for this Andy.

Jess Porter