J2EE Application Deployment Considerations
Subject:   WebLogic 8.1-J2EE1.3 , does it use JSR 88 ?
Date:   2006-07-04 05:05:31
From:   rommels

Very informative article.

Have a query regarding Weblogic 8.1 that implements teh J2EE 1.3 spec. Since your article says:
J2EE 1.3 provides some specification with the packaging standard; however, there are still no standards on how to deploy an application this is where the initiative like JSR 88 (the J2EE Deployment API) comes in.
does it mean that Weblogic 8.1 does not use this.

I am aware that WebLogic 9.0 is J2EE 1.4 compliant and uses JSR 88 implementation for deployments, but not sure if WebLogic 8.1 uses JSR 88 as an extension?

Thanks and Regards,
Rommel Sharma.