Using JMeter
Subject:   Testing client server application
Date:   2006-07-05 03:04:18
From:   narsing
I am Narsing rao
Please let me know, Using J meter can we find out the load of client server applications,
I am under the impression that jmeter is only suitable for web applications, i do not know much about it.
My application is client server, server application is developed in java.
It is a network security application ex:using our server application, you can monitor the activities and restrict them, like admin want to user x1 to restrict him using ms work, add a policy to the user and disable it, the user will not be able to open the word Application.
server will have defined policies and it will get the users from ladap.
here i want to do the load testing for the server.
Please let me know immediately...
Narsing rao