Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Yay
Date:   2006-07-06 01:59:33
From:   crashedata
I sucessfully did this earlier today. After doing this I noticed something. Yes it does run FAIRLY fast. Not as fast as if it was native though. However, it has some problems with crashing... alot. So I quested out to figure out if their was a way to install it nativly. It took about 3 hours of looking through google results but I did find some stuff to do it. Another six hours later and I was able to dual boot into Mac OS X without running windows at all on a PC. This did however require several third party drivers and emulators for the OS X system itself to get it running right with the video card, motherboard, etc. It did run much faster then the windows emulator though. It also required a new boot loader, a linux partition and a striped down version of the newest version of Redhat Linux. I am glad I already had a copy of that on a disk. But, I got it working. The steps I had to go through after the install are: Boot into linux. Go to m0sx.rpm then go to MOsX it will restart your machine out of linux and into OSX. It was heck to find all of this stuff but I did do it. I only recomend it if you have ALOT of time on your hands and nothing better to do.

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