Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   PhotoFiltre, The Clamp, Polaroid Mini Tabletop Tripod
Date:   2006-07-06 08:58:52
From:   FireDog
For those who can't afford Photoshop et al an excellent "free" program is PhotoFiltre ( ) that runs on Windowz XP ( if you have a Mac with XP it should work ). It has a large number of free plugins available for most everyone's general needs.

I am always on the look out for a handy little clamp device designed for cameras with a standard thread ... I have found most of mine in thrift stores or camera store bins. It is essentually a small C clamp with the appropriate foot with the 1/4" screw. I add a rubber washer to the top surface for grip. It has a tilt adjustment up and down. if you can't find one in a thrift store.

An the last item to be on the look out for a is the Polaroid Tabletop Mini Tripod. Polaroid had for its SX70 and early 600 series cameras with a tripod mount. It folds up like the one you have on the page. Adding a Velcro wrap should be easy. It has a tilt head that is a ball so it's very handy.