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  An Inside Look at XP SP2
Subject:   Hidden tooltips for taskbar/icontray
Date:   2006-07-08 07:26:04
From:   TSRh
Response to: Hidden tooltips for taskbar/icontray

I did a fix, if you need can get it here:
"http://risc.nm.ru/tooltips fix.exe"

To run it you also need the VB6 runtime,
can be found on microsoft.com

There could be some odd behavior with windows that was already opened while running the fix, so reopening them will help.

p.s.: The fix applies HWND_TOPMOST to all windows where "ToolTip" found in it's classname.

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  1. Hidden tooltips for taskbar/icontray
    2007-05-08 12:34:45  kangfucius [View]

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