Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Apache doesn't work
Date:   2006-07-09 18:36:35
From:   snegin
Response to: Apache doesn't work

I'm having the same problem, also using a macbook and os 10.4.6. It occured after one of two things - probably the second...
1. I installe x-code. I don't think this is the problem, but I hadn't checked apache since I did this.

2. I tried to build php4.3 (i am new to working with unix in this way, and have never built/compiled - only used binaries.) It wasn't working out, so I tried to undo what I did by removing the files I had installed. This also involved installing and using fink, and installing some libraries, which I probably should have read more about before I did. I was trying to follow instructions, but I must have done something wrong.

I have already replaced the httpd.conf with the httpd.bak. This did not help.

The message I am getting in the console is:

Processing config directory: /private/etc/httpd/users/*.conf
Processing config file: /private/etc/httpd/users/+entropy-php.conf
fopen: No such file or directory
httpd: could not open

but that is not true because that path and those files do exist.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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