What Is a Wiki (and How to Use One for Your Projects)
Subject:   Best Wiki for software project?
Date:   2006-07-12 10:06:48
From:   mzamora
I'm thinking about using a wiki for my next project: a medium-complexity set of perl libraries and apps running on mod_perl Apache. It will add up to about 10 libraries (from a data abstraction layer up to business-rule libraries) and three apps above that, including Perl, XML/XSLT, and Apache configs.

Since the project doesn't have a deadline, I want to use it as a "best practices" adoption project.

I'm planning on switching over to Subversion, and really doing the full automated smoke/regression testing thing with Perl script harnesses.

I'll be the first and only developer on the project, and I plan on adding more people about halfway through. By then I should have the whole Design/Document/Build/Test routine as automated as I can.

So, what wiki can I use that has strong ties to SVN, or that has hooks so I can customize it easily and make it an integral part of the development cycle?

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