Ruby the Rival
Subject:   ruby v.s. java?
Date:   2006-07-14 13:30:32
From:   tech-interested
One of the things I like about rubyOnRails is their use of decent default values for things. Certainly, one could make something even better than rails in Java, C#/.Net, etc. Most the interesting time-saving stuff (and a LOT more!) can all be done in Java as long as someone is willing to work outside the JSR imposed box. Instead of just rebundling a plethora of existing open source like tomcat, hibernate, etc). How about Refactoring the underlying technology (e.g. Multithreaded containers, jdbc, persistence, etc.), encapuslate the complexities, exposing a framework / runtime apps that are easier and faster productivity than using rails? The real question is does the Java community have the courage to simply take the existing Java technologies already here as a starting point and re-factor them into a non-JSR compliant, easier to use software?