Outsourcing Java SE
Subject:   U R RIGHT!
Date:   2006-07-16 01:10:19
From:   IvanO
I really hope that this new CEO will really really
open up his ears wide and open, listen to what

Mangement doesnt want something that you need to
spend a lot of times just to get something snappy
in client side! Those time should spend on business
logic and not GUI! and please... dont tell me
GUI threading are part of business logic... please..
I'm talking about "BUSINESS LOGIC", is BUSINESS!

If really Sun Java really that good Sybase will
not leave drop Java! Sun! Dont tell me you doesnt
know who is Sybase~~~~ We are talking about business! not playing around with programming
language! unless Sun admit that... Java are only
for academic research.... or something for fun..

Just my 2 bucks comments!