Weblog:   Request for help from a Geek Volunteer
Subject:   donations
Date:   2006-07-16 09:55:03
From:   hakarabakara
Response to: similar means for software?

i am glad about your efforts in raising our education standards through book donations especially computer related as we are still somewhat behind and with no real resources to harness the potential that lies in our children... i am a 23 year old kenyan, who had a dresm of being a software developer when i was growing up...i used to watch technology watch on cnn and was really fascinated by <br/> computers especially when i visited my dad's <br/> office and saw him operate a x486 when i was growing up...unfortunately, this dream was never to
<br/> as my father died and mother is suffering from aids which has rendered her unepmloyed since 1999 and with 4 children to look after without a job myu dream of pursuing a degree in computer science went away like yesterday's news. i have been using the local brirish council to learn computers and the internet, i'm hoping for the better with people with generous hearts around...thank you for endeavouring to make a difference

marvin ochieng'