Is This the Right Room for an Argument?
Subject:   What a Sham
Date:   2002-07-31 11:01:17
From:   plaw
One should read the Microsoft Agreements for Shared Source Initiative. You and I aren't getting access to Shared Source. Only Big Business (with 1500+ licenses), Government and Education (though not students in classrooms) have access.

What am I wasting my time debating the Microsoft Shared Source Initiative? I will never see it. Sun Microsystems lets me download their source code for the premier OS today.

Indeed, I am not clear from reading the Microsoft agreements if one gets to even download the source. The agreements all state:

Once a licensing agreement is signed by both parties, the licensee will gain access to the code through the MSDN Code Center Premium secure Web site

All source code updates are provided by Microsoft through MSDN Code Center Premium

MSDN Code Center Premium offers secure search, view and just-in-time debugging functionality to augment the efficiency and value of source access"

Sounds like more double-talk to me. Looks like one (not you or I as we will never see the code) has to use the Microsoft site to view the code.