Top Ten Word Annoyances
Subject:   Word 2003 and Styles
Date:   2006-07-18 00:43:03
From:   gotheek
I think this "new" functionality has to be the most irritating I've yet seen in Word.

Word now creates hundreds and hundreds of styles and formatting based on the slightest modification within a paragraph and when it does, it has been written to make it contortionately difficult to remove all of these formatting mistakes from the styles panel when you're trying desparately to clean and/or purge the styles from the document.

And I could turn these "styles" off, so they aren't displayed, but then they'd STILL be in the document.

I've tried just attaching a new template, I've tried deleting from the styles panel, the add/remove template window, the format settings window, even by just typing the text in again and applying the style I DO want.

Char is the equal-first in annoyance-levels. No matter how hard I try, I cannot remove the formatting of this style. I can't modify it, I can't get it away from a char style.

Ah, I think, I'll go in and see if it's set to "automatically update". And it is. So I turn that off, and have to do the same on every other style that's in the document in-order to actually apply formatting that I DO want to apply. There's no 'blanket' switch to do this. It's the series of steps for every single style in the document.

This is insane!