Screenshot Hacks for Mac OS X
Subject:   Isn't it Ironic?
Date:   2006-07-21 01:36:08
From:   wjanoch
Response to: Isn't it Ironic?

Clold dry sense of humor... I like it.

BTW: in windows, you can bring up the System Properties by pressing <Windows><break> (That's the Windows logo button and the Pause/Break key). Also try <win><d> for desktop <win><m> to minimize all (yes, that's basically redundant, one dates back to Win95), and my favorite <win><e> for Windows Exploerer. I use them in Parallels via XP all the time (Yes! my mac runs everything!... (ok, so I don't have Gnome and KDE installed... yet, but I have run Puppy Linux with XCF a time or two :-P ).

How's that for Ironic?

And how about this. My IBM Thinkpad is busted because the power cord got bumped a few to many times since Win98. Now I use that offical IBM laptop bag for my Mac. IBM used to make the PowerPC processor for the mac, but my mac has an Intel inside. And it has a mag safe power adapter. Maybe I should get a new bag before the handle <break>s!

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