Aging PowerBook Upgrade by a Linux/OS X Geek
Subject:   Emacs
Date:   2006-07-22 22:23:05
From:   cristoper
Aquamacs is hands-down the best Emacs currently available for Mac OS X. It's a native Cocoa app so it works like other Mac apps. Also, it combines both the emacs key bindings with the Mac key bindings in a surprisingly pleasing manner.

Aquamacs is based on the Carbon emacs build, it's not a native Cocoa app. There is a native Cocoa/OpenStep port of Emacs: ( . A new version was recently released, but it is still in the alpha stage (with some annoying graphical glitches). I think the maintainer of Aquamacs has mentioned the possibility of building future versions of the Aquamacs distribution off of the Cocoa once it is more complete.

I didn't find Aquamacs to be any easier to use than a vanilla Carbon build, personally. Worse, actually. It seemed to open new buffers in new frames unpredictably. I much prefer the Carbon Emacs Package ( . It comes with lots of packages, is just as Mac-like, and not as weird.

However, I'm quite in support of Aquamacs Emacs. Apparently it works for some people, and I assume all the useful Mac-ish improvements they make to the Emacs source will make it back to the GNU CVS for the benefit of all distributions :)