ASP.NET Forms Authentication, Part 2
Subject:   RE: VB Version of this code.
Date:   2006-07-25 07:02:12
From:   AlohaMora
Response to: VB Version of this code.

Dear erolsensoy

I tried to use the VB code but it is not working, i did the steps as mentioned but all in vain. My Requirment is to open a login form as default page of the web application, user will pur username ppassword as in Active directory and it show be authanticated from AD database. and also i want to pick the user information like name phone address eamil etc from AD.
my email is

plz send me ur i will send u the project and u can plz make changed for me.
thanks in advance i really need it working bec its my job requirment so plz help me