Introducing SQL Server Reporting Services
Subject:   Grouping Issue in SQL Reporting Services 2000
Date:   2006-07-26 04:46:57
From:   vishalMehra

I am using SQL Reporting services 2000.I am using grouping options in table to group my data as per one of the column.Now as per the group I am giving border style as Solid at the end of the group.It works fine normally.But issue comes if one of the group ends at next page.So in this case i get two lines in next page.One for last line(end of group) of previous page and other for header of my table which i also have given.

Now i want to ask is there any way of making reporting services to not to show last line of
previous group in next page.Can i write any code(expression),which can be written in border style
regarding to not to draw line at the next page, if group gets over at last in previous page.

Quick reply will be highly appreciated.