What Is Geronimo?
Subject:   Which open source server to use in production?
Date:   2006-07-31 08:55:44
From:   Peter_likes_Java
We have a decent requirement wherein we are doing enterprise Java stuff involving web technologies like Servlets, JSP, SpringMVC and business tier technologies like EJB and a bit of JMS (very limited). Which open source app server is preferred? I know that JBoss is a mature platform after so many years in business and wide acceptance. That said, looking at Geronimo, one canít ignore that its backed by Apache Foundation, this single factor alone has made me to think twice as to which app server to use in production. We are not doing any new things as mentioned in some comments here like EJB 3 and metadata annotations. So from compatibility standpoint Geronimo is as good as JBoss.