Demystifying LDAP
Subject:   Ldap or Database (users, roles, etc)
Date:   2006-07-31 10:00:19
From:   javadevdc
Response to: Ldap or Database (users, roles, etc)

First off, if you can point me to an easy setup for ldap on debian/Ubuntu and a simple program (preferably in Java) that can access a user and permissions granted to that user that would be great.

Maybe these are myths, but this is what my experience is :
* ldap is different for each implementation. Microsoft Active Directory is not going to be similar to OpenLdap. Someone is not going to up and running with Active Directory or OpenLdap from setup to programming.
* You need someone that specializes in Ldap to set it up; not so with mysql and say JAAS or Acegi. I can set up roles, users and a complex permission system using Spring's Acegi in less than an hour.
* OpenLdap is hard to set up.

>>I believe 9 out of 10 developers would *prefer* LDAP, and the 10th developer probably works for Oracle

As a developer, I would like to easily set up my environment. ldap is not as easy as setting up users and roles in a database.

Oracle has an identity server so they would push ldap.

I'd love to see a getting ldap up and running on linux for busy people.

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