Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   missing the point
Date:   2002-08-01 19:48:54
I appreciate your sentiment on switching to OSX, but you're overlooking a few major points.

1) A lot of people have to upgrade their machines to use it. I have a beige G3, which technically can run OSX, but only at a painfully slow clip. I can't afford a performance drop like that and haven't been able to afford a new machine with this economy. I'll go X when I get a fast G4 (this fall!) Don't forget there are actually people out there who have pre-G3 machines, they can't go X.

2) A lot of people use Quark as their #1 application. What's the point of "upgrading" system software that can't run your most valuable app? Blame Quark, but this is a major issue for Apple. Quark still dominates the design and publishing world-- that's a lot of workstations...

3) Version 10 was an alpa, 10.1 was a beta and now maybe we're getting somewhere releaseable with 10.2

4) I freelance in a shop with about 200 mac workstations. It's a big project to upgrade all those machines and explain to a bunch of artists who are computer dumb why the application switcher isn't there anymore. This is really 2 points.
A) why should IT depts go for such a headache (or myself for that matter, when their really not getting that much out of it and
B) why did Apple have to change the finder in such fundemental ways-- it's confusing to me and I'm good with computers. I know a lot of designers who are going to be very upset (and calling tech support) when the have to switch and so many things are different.

5) Did I mention Quark?

6) This "upgrade" is a weekend project. Who has that kind of time? I use my computer to pay my rent. I can't risk having it down while I tinker the OS. 9 works great. It's stable and it's fast. Why take the risk for so little gain?

Like most "geeks" (and I mean that in a complimentary way) you have an amazing ability to emphasis what the majority of people don't care about and downplay whats really important to the majority of "real users". That list of 10 superb features of Jaguar reads like a tech spec. Uber geek speak. Give me a break. Does Mom, Dad, the college student, the web surfer, the artist, musician, designer really care about BSD, CUPS, PPTP or LDAT? They probably care about iChat and Sherlock 3(which I think is a travesty too, Apple should have given the Watson folks a lot of money for that idea) and the address book .

What about those poor AOL users? They certainly don't have the whereforall to deal with all this. Like Mr. Jobs said, we should be thankful we've gotten 20% already.

Go to a UNIX system that needs to run a whole other OS just run the gamut of apps that I use?
No thank you.

Robert Israel

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