Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   Meh - forget OS9 users....
Date:   2002-08-01 20:09:50
From:   dogzilla
IMHO, ppl who are still using OS9 aren't the real target. They'll come along. What I'd really find useful is help on converting Windows users. I have a bunch of friends who currently run Windows but are becoming more and more disheartened with....well with issues that don't need rehashing here. They have almost to a man (or woman) expressed an interest in OSX and the current crop of Mac hardware.

But what to say to these people to help them convert to the Mac? Without sounding like a fanatic? I've been using OSX since it arrived, and I rarely need OS9 anymore now (except for Quark), but I can't escape the feeling that OSX is still not the best solution for the average, non-power user.

Maybe I'm not giving these folks enough credit. But OSX without the command line strikes me as too much of a compromise, and I'm not likely to convince, say, my wife to learn anything so esoteric as "ls -al | more". I'm hopeful that Jaguar will change my mind about this. Until I can afford and test the upgrade I can't honestly recommend OSX to the average Mac or Windows user, and I sure can't take them to task for not upgrading/switching.