Demystifying LDAP
Subject:   Great article!
Date:   2006-08-01 05:41:58
From:   0_o
Response to: Great article!

LDAP can be used wherever you want it. Also, most of the schemas in LDAP are *not* complex, and they're made less complex by the fact that you don't have to use every attribute of every schema. If you just want to store a few bits of information, you can do that quite nicely with LDAP.

LDAP is certainly not tied in any way to "enterprise", and there are people who use it at home for simple addressbook storage. I am one of those people. The nice thing is that once everyone is in the LDAP service, many applications are ready to talk to it, like my mail client, for example. There are also lots of web applications that can be pointed at an LDAP server.

Good luck!