Free and Open Source Software at the United Nations
Subject:   Looking beyond the 'list'
Date:   2006-08-01 15:20:04
From:   CLHansen
Thank you for the list of UN-supported Open Source initiatives, however I missed the comments and analysis from the UN, OS community, etc., on the number of projects, choice of projects, et seq.

In addition, the article did not give us a comparison of the number of projects the UN supports/purchases from, say, Microsoft or "Q". To get a sense of the UN's promise for Open Source, we need to get a scale of the commitment.

Finally, I spoke at WSIS in Tunis, and have spoken at other UN (ITU, UNESCO) and int'l organization (IFISI) summits where there are still people who have never heard of Open Source, or who believe it is anti-commercial and unsafe.

Perhaps it is time for the community to realize it needs a global voice to assert its position to compete on the global/UN/international policy level.

C.L. Hansen
Le CIEL Foundation