Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   The 80% group...a voice of change
Date:   2002-08-02 06:17:02
From:   10281028
well, I agree that your article Is on target..but for a different reason...."The Change to OS X, is not to support Apple...but to finally receive some of the technology advances on our platform...maybe a step ahead.
BUT, first let me address an IMPORTANT issue....I have been a loyal mac user since 1989...mac's in my business, macs at home and I bought mac performas for 2 employees and 4 neices and nephews....and have watched all 4 neices and nephews but PC's..".because they do more" the meantime...I have upgraded to a 9600, 5300c laptop, G3 laptop(kanga), and Pismo.
I am very proficient in photoshop, Illustrator, live motion, and the MS Office suite along with a host of others....I have upgraded my 9600, 4 hard drives,usb,fire wire, ata card, newer 466,loads of ram, networked with 3 printers and I do video and sound apps as this is not to impress anyone...just set the stage....I have a going marketing business and we do all our graphics....but I have to agree with my neices and nephews...that everytime I see a new program...I have to look to see if it supports Mac....not OS X....
But being the flaming optimist that I am...I KNOW the unix base (os x) will bring more to the New Mac Platform....
Now If you read all that....I'll Give you that point of View from One of the 80%...
Re Learn a New OS, No call-in for help 800 #,learn it on your on....The missing manuals??? a new system, buy new software....and we will bring you up to speed with the windows world.....oh, and by the way...we're getting the bugs out ! Working Hard to Improve OS X....just Jump In and a Kernel-Panic...uh, you'll learn about problem.
Well, I have bought Photoshop &, Illustrator 10, Live Motion 2 and the MS office 10 software...but be damned if I'll Buy OS X UNTILL IT WILL WORK AS WELL(fast) AS 9.1.

I own a Cadillac but GM doesn't beat me to death with Support GM or we will fall by the way side....APPLE IS A BUSINESS, I AM A CUSTOMER...Give Me Some Support,
Where IS A Manual
Where Is A Call-In # ...for OS X support
Where Is The Ease of Use Explanations
IF I Have to RE Learn Computing....How 'Bout Some Help!
P.S. I Paid Full POP for the first MS Office $499,and NO Manual or PDF Manual...and guess what..I Up Graded to MS 10 and NO MANUAL....well they may save on printing...but they LOSE BIG on SALES!
Thank You for Listening .