Building a Desktop Firewall
Subject:   Nice article just one minor correction and a suggestion
Date:   2006-08-06 18:11:11
From:   Mark.S
A very interesting article. Thanks a lot.
There's just one minor thing I'd like to point out. The configuration file for sshd is not 'sshd.config' but 'sshd_config' at least on FreeBSD 6 and upwards.
So this is the file you would have to add/uncomment the line :

'PermitRootLogin yes'

To be on the very safe side with root logins through ssh you also could add the line

AllowUsers root@

to the afore mentioned configuration file which would allow root to only connect through the loopback device but this option would only be useful for people who want to maintain the firewall directly on the computer (desktop systems) and not remotely.

Thanks again for the article :)

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