Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   APPS and MONEY...
Date:   2002-08-02 06:24:31
From:   unclepain
OK, for the record- I like OSX. I don't love it, but it has some nice features that I feel will get even better in the future. I support about 30 Macs in our corporate environment and I'll tell you why we will not be upgrading to OSX anytime in the near future.
No Quark for OSX. No scanner support for our Umax scanners. No printer drivers for our Image setters. Then, lets factor in the costs. OSX.2- $129. RAM- $60 Software upgrades for all the apps my clients use in OS9- anywhere from 500 to 1500 bucks depending on the user. So, theoretically that could be over $50,000 just so our Mac guys can "upgrade". Will OSX make my clients $50,000 more productive? Even if all of our apps and hardware were updated to run under OSX, we wouldn't be able to afford to upgrade.

What else do most folks use their Macs for? Audio and video. Well, premiere is still no where to be found and lots of folks still use it instead of FInal Cut. Midi support will finally make it into OSX.2 which means the pro audio apps can finally start to port. That's alot of Mac users who have no reason to switch other than...."please support Apple- your mostest favorite computer company in the whole world." We need faster machines before we need Free-BSD with a candy coated shell.

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