Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   APPS and MONEY... $50,000? C'Mon!
Date:   2002-08-02 07:45:31
From:   derrick
Response to: APPS and MONEY...

I get so tired of this "all or nothing" type of thinking. $50,000 to switch to Mac OS X? C'mon!

Using your own numbers, how about $200 for Jaguar and a RAM upgrade. Load OS X on your computer and take advantage of the tools and applications that come bundled free. Get to know it.

You can always boot back into 9 when you need to use the other apps that you're not ready to purchase for OS X yet. I still have an iMac that's all OS 9, and will probably remain so for some time. But I was able to switch my laptop to OS X, and I'm having a ball with it.

I can't believe the lack of creativity I'm reading here.