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  Ant 1.7: Using Antlibs
Subject:   So Where Is It?
Date:   2006-08-10 06:31:23
From:   JohnCWalker
The message boards state that beta1 for ant 1.7 should be packaged on the 31st but where is it?

I'm tired of the hype of vaporware. Show me the cool new features once the product is actually available for me to use.

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  1. So Where Is It?
    2006-08-10 17:58:55  foamdino [View]

    • So Where Is It?
      2006-08-14 06:57:02  JohnCWalker [View]

      • So Where Is It?
        2006-08-14 22:16:00  foamdino [View]

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