Dissecting .Mac
Subject:   A .MAC feature suggestion - iPhone
Date:   2002-08-02 11:38:37
From:   javester
With iSync now synching to the Sony-Ericsson Bluetooth phone, wouldn't it be a grand idea if .Mac allowed you to collect voice mail as well?
Maybe they can come up with iPhone - a cell phone/land-line hybrid that has a dock connected to your iMac.
Maybe, they can even put in a camera/disk drive in there so it can work with iPhoto and iTunes.
And once its docked, it can allow you to sync voicemails and collect them using your .Mac account remotely - a kind of unified messaging.

I still have my MS Phone, it was a good idea but too flaky to use. Maybe Apple can do it better this time by creating a Bluetooth cellphone/landlinephone/PDA/Camera/Disk Drive/Music Player thingamagig - geeesshhh... won't em Windows users start salivating and switching in droves!

Just dreaming...