Hack:   Zanzibar super-jump
Subject:   Best Superjump Montage
Date:   2006-08-18 08:22:28
From:   Smellyjackash
[[i]Even if you aren't a bouncer, you have to appreciate the [b]tremendous visual effects[/b]
that have been applied to the intro and other various components of this montage. I'd like to say that the intro alone took well over [b]30 hrs of work[/b] to produce.[/i]]

Key Highlights:

-Base to Base Bounces
-New Ways out of Burial Mounds & Sanctuary
-60+ Tactical Bounces
-New Big Crane Bounce


-Mythica: Part 1

-Mythica: Part 2

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  1. Best Superjump Montage
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