SQL Subqueries
Subject:   sub query help
Date:   2006-08-25 14:39:28
From:   fperez
HI- I'm having trouble getting the results I need from an sql query. I believe I can accomplish my task with a subquery however I can't get it to work. I have a table of book titles and a one to many table of books read (that holds many people and the book they read). Now I need to get a list of books left to read by a particular person from my join. So the query starts with a join between the books table and the books read table to get the book titles. I use a left join to get all the book titles even if they haven't been read. However I need it to filter out the books that the particular person has read and leave me with a list of books left to read by the particular person.

please advise-frank

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  1. sub query help
    2006-11-17 21:08:48  pfindley [View]

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