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Subject:   ISO ratified ODF May 2006 - No?
Date:   2006-08-26 10:46:31
From:   swhiser
Response to: ISO ratified ODF May 2006 - No?

Response to this piece has been exceptional, especially from outside USA. So I would like to thank Groklaw, NewsForge & the ODF Alliance for some of the early attention via their links.

Accordingly, reading over my own stuff, I found another typo: when I quote Bob Sutor, the numbers got fudged...

" IBM's Open Source and Open Standards VP, Bob Sutor said, "Since the news broke of [Google] joining, the ODF Alliance membership went up from 20 to about 260."

The correct wording should be "...membership went up 20 to about 260." That's an increase of 20 new members on top of the 240 existing at the time of Google's involvement in the Alliance.

Thanks again, patient readers!