What We're Doing When We Blog
Subject:   Blogging: A Communication Evolution
Date:   2006-08-28 16:53:24
From:   Lizbeth
I do indeed think blogging is an evolution in communication. It serves as a new ritual form in a world that has lost its stabilizing and enriching old forms. Where once there was storytelling around the fire or heroic myths that unified whole cultures, we have precious little to help us create community or find our enduring values. I think blogging can be an innovating center of creative action in the world. Though it can be trivial and ridiculous at times, it offers the possibility at least for individuals to criticize and to create, to reinforce and to innovate, within a structure that is not unlike the imaginative myths and ritual forms of the past. I loved your analogy of the structure of a Haiku poem. Blogging creates a kind of “ordered form” that releases energy.
Joseph Campbell said that a society engaged in a dialogue with “inward forces”–– “that cherishes and keeps its myths alive will be nourished from the soundest, richest strata of the human spirit.” Shared meanings and insights will always be a starting place for this kind of enrichment.