The Fight Against Spam, Part 2
Subject:   Apple's Mail Filter not savvy enough
Date:   2006-08-29 10:32:07
From:   ixley
I have had continued disappointments with Apple Mail's Junk Filter. Sometimes it works fine, but many times it does not. As much as I try to train it by marking junk mail, it does not seem to get the idea. The worst part is that it is not really that customizable. There is no threshold to set for junk status, and it won't even recognize my server designated Spam Assassin junk mail when it comes in. I had to set up a rule to move all mail marked [SPAM] to the junk folder, but there isn't even a way to actually mark it as junk in the rule! Therefore, it still gets acknowledged as legitimate mail until I manually go in and mark off the bad guys. For those unfamiliar, you really do want to mark spam as junk mail istead of just deleting it, because otherwise Mail adds the senders to your OK list and is more likely to accept mail from these senders in the future! Bad form... Checking out the new features for the new version of mail, I was pretty disappointed Apple chooses to glitz up crappy features like user templates, without adding any real improvement to its functionality. It's like they think that user-friendly software means fewer options and more eye-candy features.