Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   Nice analisys BUT...
Date:   2002-08-03 05:31:45
From:   luketypefaces
thanks for your analisys, it is nice to see that there is people appreciating OSX. I am an OSX customer since day one, and I played with Jaguar too on a friend developers machine. Jaguar is great. The problems with Apple are more complicated than a 129$ fee fro jaguar.

1) Hardware: expensive and behind PC competitors. Don't know what Apple plans to do, but if switching architecture (to intel/AMD, the only switch that will make sense) that will upset developers and customers (not counting expensive multiple CPU support), if not they should develop, without Motorola, a PPC cpu, that will be costly too and translates in very high HW prices....

2) Developers: a lot of apps are missing because developers are not interested very much in OSX. Since Mac advent typographic design was an Apple field, today no Font Design Apps are on X, and Apple doesn't care. Yes it is a small nice but a prestigious one. Same with Xpress. Lot's of customers are really upset for this absence.
As for Font design app, Apple should develop a great iFont app, it doesn't should be that difficult and will gain a lot of prestige.

3) Customers: it is increasingly difficult to convert ppl to Mac platform. I try to do it all the time, but I cannot explain anymore why ppl should change theyr favorite platform (Windows), to a new one that has slower machines, less software, expensive hardware... switching campaign is not enough...

Obviously thre are lot more points, but I tried to simplify. Sorry form my bad english.
Luca Panaro (Italy)