Flash on Mobile and Embedded Devices
Subject:   SVG on Mobile and Embedded Devices too
Date:   2002-08-03 07:27:30
From:   graoutsats
It looks clear that Macromedia has really been pushing the Flash Player on embedded devices. You might also want to take note of SVG's progress in that area too.

First off, SVG Tiny (one of SVG's two subprofiles for mobile devices) is a mandatory component in MMS, the messaging standard set by 3GPP, the consortium for 3G devices. All 3G mobile phones *must* implement SVG Tiny. That means that phones that will start retailing in 2003 will have an SVG Tiny viewer pre-installed. You might also want to note that Ericsson, Nokia, KDDI, Sharp, BitFlash, ZoomOn and OpenWave all work in the W3C SVG Working Group. All these companies have been working together specifying the SVG Tiny profile and will have two submit two conforming implementations of each feature of SVG Tiny for the spec to become an approved W3C Recommendation. Unfirtunately I cannot comment further on actual implementation status but you can expect really cool announcements real soon.

As to SVG support today on mobile devices, you should check out: - BitFlash's products - ZoomOn

And of course SVG content can be created for free as it is patent-free and an open specification.