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Subject:   Correction on Kyocera Phone
Date:   2002-08-03 15:30:37
From:   cwest
I was contacted by an engineer at Kyocera Wireless who tells me my phone will work with Linux. Having heard this, it confirms my belief that I don't know everything and solidifies my faith in mankind.

Here is what Steve writes:

I take some pride in making sure our phones perform true PPP
as expected by Linux and other operating systems. :)

The phone should appear just like a normal modem, and respond to AT
commands. For wireless packet data, simply dial the magic number:

This enables PPP packet detection. From there, it should reply to the
usual PAP/CHAP negotiation for your login and password. (It's up to
your carrier what you use there, same as in Windows.)

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  1. Correction on Kyocera Phone
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