Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   I've Switched frm Wintel to OS9 and beyond
Date:   2002-08-03 15:32:47
From:   GPolich
I recently switched both my home and office machines to Mac G4 tower at home; G4 Powerbook at work. Started with OS 9 moved to 10 then 10.1 at work. *I will* move to 10.2 (Jaguar) when 24 Aug comes around. The price is worth it!

I had been waiting lo these many years to switch, but because of work (a truly Wintel environment) could not easily do so without both file compatiblity with co-workers and ability to connect to Win LAN servers.

OS X made connections easy; MS Office made file compatiblity easy; Jaguar makes the LAN connections easier and adds the LDAP I need.

My only criticism is that I would like to get away completely from MS dependency. So my wish list is for OpenOffice to be truly file compatible with MS Office and for someone, anyone, to make a mail client compatible, connectable, with MS Exchange (tm) Server which is what my company insists on using.

I switched and glad I did! We have also switched a couple of other machines at work and intend to switch a few more.