An Introduction to Tiger Terminal
Subject:   a tiny help.I am confussed
Date:   2006-09-08 16:05:51
From:   Hellmuthchileno
Great tutorial indeed!
However in spite that the man pico command indicates the manual for nano (just as the article indicates), this program is not installed and Terminal  provides a list of the installed editors, xterm etc.,  defaulting to ansi an editor I do not know.

One question please:
Could you indicate how to install nano in the version 10.4.7 that seems to be absent from terminal?
Eventually how to use ansi as an editor?
is this a feature of Mac OSX 109.4.7 or what?
I would greatly appreciate your kind answer
A faithful reader and client of O´Reilly handbooks.

Kind regards

Hellmuth Stuven Lira

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  1. a tiny help.I am confussed
    2006-09-17 19:04:49  norburym [View]

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