Custom-Compiling Apache and Subversion
Subject:   Works with FC5
Date:   2006-09-13 09:11:49
From:   k1mgy
I followed this process for svn 1.1.4 and httpd 2.2.3 on a fedora core 5 box acting as a local server. I had been using svn on another junk server but needed to migrate to the new box with raid, etc.

I skipped the ssl parts. The server won't be accessed from outside. In fact with the script modifications (for apache startup) apache wouldn't start properly, telling me that startssl was no longer supported and I should, instead, make changes in httpd.conf.

I also had to manually delete the /bin/svn* stuff to make certain the builtin stuff did not conflict.

It may be worth noting that despite issuing the --without-berkeley-db configure parameter for apache, configure still warned that it couldn't find a berkeley install and that it would create it when make is invoked. This may be an issue with apache, and not the author's suggested ./configure parameters.

This article should be used as a template for any "how to". It provided not only the commands to invoke, but more important - it explains why each one is needed and what they do. Most of us are probably capable of a good RTFM to gain the needed understanding, but some, like me, are suffering time overload and just want to get some basic results to build on. This article serves both camps nicely.

Well done!